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Bank Transfer

Please visit New Israel Fund page and follow the instructions. Please note:

1. Transfer the donation via your bank - the details are at the bottom of the page.

2. Fill the form in the page (failing to do so will result in your donation not reaching The Road to Recovery).

3. Type 'The Road to Recovery', NIF ID number 51101" in the Gift Designation text box.

4. Submit the form by clicking on the Sumbit button.

Contributions by Check

  1. Please write the check payable to New Israel Fund, NIF ID number 51101.

  2. Mark the contribution as donor-advised.

  3. Mailing address:

           New Israel Fund

            P.O.Box 70358

            Philadelphia, PA 19176-0358


  • Useful information:

Tax identification number:  94-2607722

Contributions in US$


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