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Our volunteers are charged with a simple but significant mission – to drive patients (mostly children and a parent) from Palestinian checkpoints to Israeli hospitals.

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Why is this so important?

Even the best treatments don’t work if the patient can’t reach them. There is no public transport from the checkpoints into metropolitan Israel – those needing to cross are often coming for bone marrow transplants, chemotherapy, and other lifesaving treatments. But most of the families who ask for our help can't afford to pay a private taxi driver on a regular basis. While medical costs are covered by the Palestinian Authority, transportation must be arranged and funded by the patient.

Who are the patients with Road to Recovery?

Our patients are Palestinians, predominantly children, who have serious medical conditions and require treatments that are not available at local hospitals in the West Bank or Gaza. They are referred to Israeli hospitals by the Palestine Ministry of Health.

How is patient care funded?

Patient care is funded by the Palestinian Authority. 

I’d love to help. What do I need in order to volunteer?

  • Access to a safe, reliable vehicle

  • A good driving record

  • A valid driver’s license and auto insurance

  • Availability for scheduling, which is flexible and only as much of a commitment as you want 

What has been the experience of other volunteers?

Our volunteers tell us that driving patients to medical care is a deeply meaningful experience. They feel needed, helpful, and appreciated, while making a significant difference to the lives of Palestinians. 

Volunteers also feel that the opportunity to get to know Palestinians, without barriers, is invaluable.

I can’t drive, but are there other ways that I can help?

Of course! We are always looking for help with translations, text editing, special projects, and coordinating rides. We would love your support in any of those areas.

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