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Road to Recovery

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A ride to the hospital

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Road to Recovery is an Israeli NGO that recruits Israeli volunteers, to drive Palestinians who require life-saving treatment from checkpoints to Israeli hospitals. With 1,200 volunteers providing 20,000 rides annually, we are the largest organization of this kind. Our growing community, of Palestinians and Israelis, transcends politics by giving people the opportunity to change the lives of others through one simple gesture—a car ride.

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But then, there was a man who I had not known. A man who put a lot of effort into driving me in his car, to dispel the fear and grow the hope.

Father of 20 year old Araf Kamil from Jenin

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Your donation goes directly to supporting the cause, reimbursing drivers for petrol, and on occasion, a fun day out for everybody – patients, families and volunteers. It's all about getting people together.  


Your time and vehicle are sorely needed. We don’t ask for more than you have to give, and there is no commitment. Let us know when you're free and we'll find a family that needs your help. 

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