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Fun Days

Arrangement of Fun Day outings and social gatherings

for Palestinian patients and families.


To the Summer that has Arrived
Fun-Day at the Beach

Dozens of Palestinians and Israeli volunteers attend a day of fun at the beach in Sdot-Yam.

Shay Cohen, August 3, 2022

In the early morning hours on the beach at Sdot Yam, dozens of gray-haired, twinkly-eyed volunteers from the Road to Recovery Association slowly congregate. These volunteers, on other days, drive sick Palestinian children from the border crossings to receive treatment in Israeli hospitals. They join up with the Arab youth from the “Think About Others” Association from Kfar Kara and the El Ajiel Association from Arara in the north. Arabs and Jews coming together on the sand and responding to Alona’s instructions, navigating their assignments with them. This is certainly an unusual sight.

Magic at the Safari

Shay Cohen, June 3, 2022

“Talk to Yehoshua. A unique person.” So, armed with words of praise and encouragement and a bit apprehensive about meeting someone of such a lofty status in an Association full of special people, I set out for Café Ben Ami in Herzliya to meet this exceptional person. Although he is one of my own people, his path in life and achievements could not be more different and so fascinating. 


A Visit to the Jordan River Village

Shay Cohen, July 8, 2022

Between green hills and breathtaking views in the Lower Galilee, under a broad awning spread overhead between the holiday resort village buildings, an unusual spectacle is taking place; for the first time after two years of Covid, a festivity of color and the sound of drums are engulfed in a sea of ​​colorful ribbons, masks and feather crowns on the heads of excited Palestinian girls and boys. Clusters of children and their counselors put their heads together and assemble strange creatures on wheels: dragons with cardboard heads adorned with ribbons and colored hearts, attached to wooden surfaces on wheels; children in make-up amble on stilts, fearless, they hover above under the watchful eyes of young, protective counselors, lest they fall.

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