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I Want to Drive

Volunteering is simple.

Our volunteers drive patients (mainly children and their parents) from the checkpoints between Israel and Palestine to hospitals in Israel.


What’s the significance of the journey?

The best medical treatment possible is of no use if it remains inaccessible to the patient. The patients who have to cross the checkpoint to get to hospital are Palestinians, primarily children, who suffer from serious medical conditions that require treatment unavailable in the hospitals in the West Bank or Gaza. This can include bone-marrow transplants, chemotherapy, and other life-saving treatments. They are referred to Israeli hospitals by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, and the cost of their treatment is covered by the Palestinian Authority. Although their medical costs are covered, it is up to the patient to arrange transportation. Since there are no public transport services between the border crossings and the hospitals, the only other option is a taxi ride, which is far too expensive for most of the families who ask us for help, especially as most hospital visits are on a regular basis.

I would love to volunteer.

What do I need to volunteer?

* A reliable vehicle in good working order

* A valid driver's license and car insurance

* Willingness to drive

* Availability, flexibility and a level of commitment to be determined by you

* Sign up


What do volunteers say?

Our volunteers report that driving patients is a highly meaningful experience,. They feel needed, useful, and valued, while helping to significantly ease the lives of these Palestinians.

Volunteers also find that the opportunity to meet with Palestinians without barriers is a priceless experience.  It’s no surprise then that the Road to Recovery community often turns into one of the most significant parts of our volunteers’ lives.

Checkpoints Map

Checkpoints are marked in pink.  

Click on the map to enlarge. 

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